The Kirkwood launch fundraising campaign to raise money for new uniforms

Published 16th Dec 2021 by Marketing

Having identified an issue with its current uniforms, The Kirkwood has launched a fundraising campaign to get local businesses involved in supporting its Clinical Teams.

The news that someone is dying from their illness will always be devastating and overwhelming. It’s very difficult for people in this situation to think about anything else. Feelings of panic, sadness, anger or helplessness will well up and overflow at almost any time. Nothing is ever the same from this point on. The Kirkwood wants people in Kirklees to know that it is here for them, every step of the way. In order to do this, its Clinical Teams needs their professional appearance to reflect the dedicated care they provide across all its services.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, The Kirkwood has played a vital role in tackling the coronavirus pandemic in Kirklees, working side by side with our NHS colleagues. It has been called upon to make sure some of the most vulnerable people in Kirklees continue to receive the very best care and are kept safe. Even as it continues to manage coronavirus, none of the challenges facing Kirklees are going away. More local people than ever will need help in the coming months and years, and The Kirkwood will need to continue to ensure services and resources are available to support them, and its clinical teams.

Covid-19 has necessitated that Clinical Staff wear PPE for a majority of the time over a 7.5 or 11 hour clinical shift. This includes aprons, gloves, and masks which can generate uncomfortable heat. In addition, the current Senior Staff Nurse and Staff Nurse uniforms are identical in appearance, so it is difficult for patients and other staff to differentiate between who is coordinating the In-Patient Unit. Easy identification of roles and responsibilities is essential for patients and families.

This discomfort for The Kirkwood's Clinical Team, and potential confusion for staff, patients and families can be avoided.

The nursing team require uniforms which will not only meet their needs from a comfort and functionality perspective, but also to ensure patients and families are more aware which members of the nursing team are available.

If you’d like to help out and support the scheme, please visit:


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