Stourton Park & Ride, first solar-powered park and ride site in the UK opens

Published 17th Sep 2021 by Events

Stourton Park and Ride is a new 1,200 space facility in Leeds funded through the Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme (LPTIP) from the Department for Transport. The site opened to the public on 6 September as the first solar-powered park and ride site in the UK and will be served by an all-electric bus fleet.


Leeds has 2 successful established park & ride sites at Elland Road and Temple Green which have contributed to reducing the number of cars travelling into the city each day. Stourton Park and Ride will provide a range of benefits for Leeds and local residents.

This project has been joint funded by LPTIP and ERDF. Construction began at the site in September 2019 and will complete in September 2021, with the site opening to the public on 6 September. Upon opening some further snagging and completion works will be required.

Stourton park and ride has been made possible by funds obtained from the Department for Transport to develop Leeds’ Public Transport Investment Programme, together with a grant that was awarded by the European Regional Development Fund to create a smart energy grid on site using sustainable technology. The site will be the first fully solar-powered park and ride site in the UK and will be served by an electric bus fleet that will run daily, every 10 minutes to the city centre.

Features of the scheme

- 1,200 parking spaces

- electric vehicle charging points for vehicles,

- family and disabled parking bays,

- waiting facilities,

- cycle stands and lockers and mobility scooter lockers.

These features will enhance the connectivity to and from the south of Leeds, via the Park & Ride site and the Leeds Cycle network. This will avoid the need to use the motorway junction, especially for more vulnerable users. By improving the transport network at and around the site, the facility will be highly accessible and therefore fully inclusive to a wider local population in Belle Isle, Middleton and Stourton itself.

The ERDF funding has provided a Smart Grid which will:

- Provide subsidised electricity for the Park & Ride service to allow fully electric buses to operate on the route at a lower cost

- Provide trickle charging for long-stay commuters with electric vehicles

- Provide rapid chargers for Electric Vehicles passing the site, to help build a strategic network of public charge points

Route information

The Park & Ride is situated at Junction 7 on the M621 and can be accessed directly from the M621 Motorway, A61 Wakefield Road and A639 Leeds Road to Pontefract Road, catering for trips from the South and South/West of the city.

Buses will operate 7 days a week, running every 10-20 minutes. More information can be found on the Wymetro site here.

Benefits of the scheme for Leeds and local residents

1. Reduced congestion: Travelling the last mile or two on a bus significantly helps reduce congestion and delays, particularly during peak times. Less traffic on the roads will make it easier and quicker for residents from the local area to access the city centre.

2. Stourton park and ride forms part of a wider strategy for the Wakefield to Leeds route: Proposals include bus lanes, smart traffic lights and limited stop bus services, helping deliver quick and reliable journey times for existing bus users.

3. A more people focused city: Having fewer cars on the streets frees up space for people, enabling us to create more healthy and liveable streets in which to move around, spend time and have fun.

4. Improved air quality: Using zero emission electric buses and having fewer cars travelling along local roads will result in better air quality and improved public health for local residents.

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