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Published 25th Aug 2021 by Emma Sinfield

As a Chamber, our objective is to connect, support and represent our membership, and we are constantly exploring different avenues and perspectives to help us achieve the most efficient, inclusive and supportive network for our members and the wider business community.

That’s why we are on the look-out for exceptional individuals to join our Board of Directors.

Board members are a part of the conversation that drives the decision-making process, and helps to ensure the Chamber and its membership flourishes.

We achieve this through debating and implementing strategies, as well as influencing government, local authorities and others.

Board members will represent the views and opinions of their businesses, while also providing an experienced and challenging perspective to help support the growth of the Chamber and its members.

If you are interested in finding out more and applying for a role on the Chamber’s Board of Directors, please contact Martin Hathaway via

Being on the Board offers you the opportunity to:

  • Debate, agree and drive through the Chamber strategy
  • Represent views from your business colleagues and yourself
  • Influence government, local authorities and others through an organised structure
  • Network with other leaders in business and the public sector
  • Pass on your knowledge and experience to help the economic growth of Mid Yorkshire
  • Learn from your peers and gain from their experience and knowledge to help your business


The Board fulfills all the responsibilities of any private sector Board for the Corporate Governance direction and stewardship of the company. In addition, we have the added responsibility of the stewardship of both members' subscriptions and occasionally public funds, which means we must be publicly accountable for our actions. The Directors have adopted nationally recommended codes of conduct on public accountability and on avoiding conflicts of interest, which new Directors will be expected to commit and adhere to. When acting as Directors, Directors are of course required to act in the best interests of the company rather than any other interests they represent, and respect Board confidentiality.


We seek to manage the affairs of the Board in such a way that it is feasible for business leaders with very full-time jobs to play an active part in the Board. However, the time commitments expected of Board members are not insignificant: Even though our articles show a minimum number of meetings we will actuallymeet as a Board4 times a year and most Board members are also involved in Board Committees, local committees, and/or other partnership boards in which Mid Yorkshire Chambers is a key partner. Board members are also asked to be prepared to host events and represent the Mid Yorkshire Chambers from time to time in discussions with members, local partners, and government, both inside and outside normal business hours. Board members are expected to attend at least 3 of the 4 meetings plus at least 2 major events, which will be identified at the beginning of the year.


Finally, as an organisation, we are committed to helping businesses in Mid Yorkshire to match best practice standards in their business operations and in the training and development of their employees. We run and promote a variety of programmes to help businesses achieve these standards. We look to our Board members to set the example to the membership and the wider business community in being among the first to implement programmes we offer in their own businesses, where these are appropriate. All Board members must be from businesses, which are fully paid up members of the Chamber.


  • To provide strategic direction and leadership to the company, to maximize our effectiveness in achieving our purposes
  • To be responsible for the effective stewardship of the resources of the company, ensuring that effective controls are in place to ensure the proper and effective use of these resources, in line with best practice
  • To maintain an overview of the needs of the Mid Yorkshire economy and businesses, in order to provide guidance and support to the Managing Director, managers, and staff of the organisation in ensuring that programmes and services are well tailored to the needs of the Mid Yorkshire business community
  • To guide and approve the strategic plans, annual plans and budgets of the company, and to monitor progress against them, ensuring corrective action is taken when necessary
  • To ensure that the company has the appropriate human resources to achieve its goals, including approving human resources policies, appointing the Managing Director and approving the appointment of other senior management, and being available to provide guidance to the management and staff
  • To represent the Board to the members, and to represent the company to the wider business community, local and central government, and the wider public
  • To regularly attend Board meetings and participate in other Board committees and working groups as necessary
  • To take the lead or second on one of the specified action areas for the year
  • To fulfill the legal responsibilities of company directors, and to ensure that the company operates within the law


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