Published 8th Jun 2021 by Emma Sinfield

The Leeds City Region (LCR) Supply Chain Programme announces its 200th project.

During the month of May 2021, the LCR Supply Chain Programme celebrated a huge milestone by hit-ting a total of 200 business projects contracted to date.

Established in September 2018, the programme has run successfully through a flourishing team of nine, supporting businesses in the manufacturing sector businesses to grow and develop their supply chains.

“I’m extremely happy to see the programme thriving. It has been, and continues to be, so important for us to support businesses in the region. Our latest figures demonstrate successful performance, thanks to a combined effort from the advisors and team.” - Steve Gregory, Programme Director.


Throughout the duration of the business support service, the LCR Supply Chain Programme has contin-ued to not only meet but over-perform against their contracted targets. To date, we see a high volume of completed and ongoing projects, with the number of enterprises receiving support currently at a total of 208, and the number of enterprises receiving grants at 203, with a total grant value of £639,200.

Private investment is another considered factor and key to the economy; the programme strives to achieve private investment, which at least matches the value of the public support (grant). This goal is also performing ahead of target, with private investment equalling £899,166.

Within the enterprises supported by the LCR Supply Chain Programme, evidential figures suggest a con-tribution to growth and development within the industry; employment increase is at 56%, consequently creating over 300 new jobs to date, and the number of enterprises supported to introduce ‘new to the firm products’ is tracking vastly ahead of target, at 413%.

“Taking into consideration our current statistics, and the rate we are progressing, I’m confident that we’re comfortably on track to hit all of our targets.” - Harry Govan, Compliance & Administration Man-ager.


The 200th project goes to The Poured Project, providers of bespoke concrete designs for residential and commercial interiors that are handmade in Yorkshire. Peter McDowell, the lead advisor on the project, confirmed “It is great to be working with The Poured Project, particularly as they are such an innovative business. We’re happy thates for residential and commercial interiors.

“We are passionate about the products we make and are continually looking to innovate with new products. The project undertaken with support from the Supply Chain Programme is to engage with an external consultant who will help us to prepare the data required to protect the Intellectual Property associated with a new product that we have in development.” – Andy Pedley, Founder of The Poured Project.


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