News | Brighouse company continues to promote opportunity for young people whilst providing essential funded training for local businesses

Brighouse company continues to promote opportunity for young people whilst providing essential funded training for local businesses

Published 1st Feb 2021 by Events

In April last year, just as we entered the first lockdown, Brighouse-based learning and development company, Lattitude7, were offering support to people by providing on-line resources, many of which are free-of-charge.

At that time, Lattitude7 had positioned three on-line programmes: ‘Get Ready for Work’, designed to promote opportunity through social mobility for young people who were out of work or at risk of redundancy, ‘Health and Fitness’, books for adults and children and, ‘funded personal development/team training’. The heads-up videos for all three strands can be accessed via the links at the bottom of this article or at

As home working continued throughout 2020, Martin Haigh, founder of Lattitude7, got to work creating additional resources in response to the increasing demand for virtual learning. Martin said: “Alongside the CSR activities to help young people find employment, five new programmes have been created and delivered many times over the past ten months. These are designed to help people learn essential skills for effectiveness in the workplace.” They include:

Hello, how are you? – leading remote and virtual teams – Providing a common-sense perspective on one of the most pressing business issues at present; how to lead in a remote and virtual environment. Explore what it takes to be a successful team leader and learn how to build a cohesive team.

Embracing Virtual Change Management -
Business is going through a period of change with the pandemic and the economic uncertainty. This programme explores how to manage change via three key areas:Strategy, Process and People.

VIP (Virtual Inspirational Presenting) -
Designed to help overcome stage fright and to develop the emotional strength and presentation skills to impart knowledge in a compelling way. Develop not just the fundamental presentation skills, but learn how to engage, influence and inspire your audience through a camera lens.

Virtual Coaching and Mentoring -
High quality coaching and mentoring greatly enhances an individual’s effectiveness in the business and promotes strong succession. In the current workplace where most coaching and mentoring is conducted on-line, this ‘virtual’ approach enhances the coaching/mentoring dynamic.

Re-entry –
When employees have been home-working for a while they get used to a particular set of daily routines. There may come a time, after the pandemic, when workers start to migrate back to their workplace which, initially, might seem like an alien environment. This helps managers to demonstrate more empathy and understanding as employees re-adjust to their ‘new’ working environment.

Martin said: “A lot of the content in these programmes attracts 40% funding through the West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges (WYCC) under their Higher Performing Workplaces (HPW) initiative. Initially, the funding was only available to SMEs, but the scope has now been expanded to include larger employers and public sector bodies, if they are based in the Leeds LEP region. Under this framework, Lattitude7 won contracts to provide training in leadership, innovative working, import/export, HR principles, coaching, mentoring and Appreciative Inquiry/World Café events.”

For further information on the range of programmes and available funding, please contact Martin Haigh via the Lattitude7 website on

For further information and images please contact Martin Haigh on 07801 030 004 or email


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