New Office New Opportunity, More Value

Published 30th Nov 2020 by Emma Sinfield

March 2020 saw businesses close their doors, everyone told to stay at home with the world in an uncertain place with more questions than answers.

This was the same for Huddersfield based “Get Knowledge” on their mission to disrupt the typical Management Consultant space providing a values based service They would not be allowed to work on site in any of their clients locations which required a rethink to ‘how’ they do what they do:

Co-Founder Jason Elliott said “thankfully our clients could see the value of continuing our engagements in the changing landscape which was forced by a national lockdown, however this challenged us like many others to deliver in more creative ways as we couldn’t work on a client site.”

Get Knowledge based in Studio 13 of the Media Centre, quickly realised that to enable businesses to improve their productivity they needed to:

  • Find the most appropriate way to deliver their core offerings, primarily, their Sustainable Performance Excellence, product.
  • Find a space to allow both Jason and fellow co-founder Lee Houghton to flexibly deliver based on their clients changing priorities.

Fast forward a couple of months and a move to Studio 18/19 situated 25 metres away, has enabled successful remote delivery to their Yorkshire based clients and also development of products that can be delivered worldwide, the barriers have come down and Get Knowledge are now delivering improvement worldwide BUT with northern accents in their growing Huddersfield base.


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