Cognisys Group Limited have announced that the company have attained the ISO9001 certification.

Published 20th Feb 2020 by Shaida Khan

Alex Martin, Business Development Manager commented, “Having attained the ISO27001 certification at the end of 2019 we decided that we needed to also undertake ISO9001.”

Alex goes on to explain, “ISO9001 assures our customers that the policies and procedures in place at Cognisys have been audited to ensure that the highest level of quality is achieved and maintained.”

In order to become ISO9001 organisations need to undertake the project through a phased approach:

  • Phase 1 – Preparation – Understanding what elements of the business would be covered in scope of the certification.
  • Phase 2 – Documentation - Gathering of all current policies and procedures. This includes the writing of procedures that staff may follow but that aren’t officially documented.
  • Phase 3 – Implementation – At this stage all existing and newly documented policies and procedures need to be communicated to staff members to ensure that everyone understands and operates in accordance with ISO9001
  • Phase 4 – Internal Audit – A review of staff to ensure that the implementation process has been successful. These audits can be conducted by a designated internal member of staff or an external, independent, third party.
  • Phase 5 – Certification – An independent audit to ensure that all documentation, policies, procedures and staff awareness meets or exceeds the official standard

Alex has also a huge admiration for Cognisys Group’s Managed Services Lead consultant, Adam Royds. Alex says, “Adam has been instrumental in both ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without his meticulous eye for detail and understanding of the standard’s guidelines.”


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