Bundles Help Efficiency And Marketing Costs

Published 21st Feb 2020 by Shaida Khan

As marketing budgets are squeezed and more businesses look to save costs by brining elements of their marketing in-house such as; copywriting, social media and website management, Five Talents Creative started to look at ways they can help businesses maximise their marketing spend and see a greater return on investment.

“Based on our customer feedback and insights in 2019, it was clear to me that businesses could benefit from flexible creative bundles that offer them creative collateral options for a fixed budget” Ade Prosser, Creative, Managing Director.

New for 2020 Five Talents has launched, four creative bundles to appeal to businesses locally and nationally, from start-ups to SMEs.

Bundles offer businesses value added ways of purchasing creative services. One of the major appeals based on feedback Five Talents had, since launch and following feedback from project wins such as The Greetland Academy Trust, Happy Days Charity, has been the flexible payment approach; businesses cherry picking the right plan for them and spreading payments over a period thus helping to improve cash flow.


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