Cognisys Announce ISO27001 Certification

Published 7th Jan 2020 by Shaida Khan

Cognisys Group Limited have announced that the company have attained the ISO27001 certification.

Alex Martin, Business Development Manager commented, “This has been no mean feat and it’s all thanks to our Managed Services Lead Consultant, Adam Royds. Adam also heads up our GRC consultancy and is extremely well versed in the requirements stipulated within Annex A of ISO27001.”

To attain ISO27001 certification all organisations, regardless of size, need to follow a standard process to become compliant:

  • Understand what elements of the business require compliance to ISO27001, if not the whole company. Large enterprise organisations may only require specific departments to become certified e.g. Finance.
  • Collate all policy and procedural documentation
  • Conduct a Gap Analysis between existing documents and the controls required under Annex A of the standard
  • Generate new policies and procedures as required in order to reach compliance
  • Engage with a 3rd party to audit the policies and procedures

Alex stated “As a small company you may think that it would be easier for us to comply than a larger firm, you would be wrong. As a cyber security consultancy, we needed to ensure that our policies and procedures were more robust. Password Management, Disaster Recovery, Backup and Remote Access along with Data Encryption and Laptop Cleardown policies need to be more thorough than standard policies.”

And added “That said Adam threw every possible resource at completing the task to ensure we attained the certification by the December deadline.”

If you are considering ISO27001 for your organisation please email with your contact details and one of the Cognisys experienced team will call you back to discuss your requirements.

Further details of our services can also be found on their website:


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