Chadwick Lawrence’s IT Department Expands And Develops Its Offering

Published 28th Oct 2019 by Shaida Khan

Chadwick Lawrence’s IT department has undergone a recent evolution, as they look to develop the ‘Chadwick Lawrence Way’ and to move away from general IT stereotypes.

Due to the growth in the team, a decision was taken at senior level to focus and fund an IT strategy based around department inclusion and increasing the awareness the team’s progression.

They have since pushed to expand their internal offering from IT support to becoming ‘enablers of technology’ within Chadwick Lawrence. They have also taken a lead on recommending the latest software and ensuring that the law firm is up to date on all the latest tech.

Taking their technological reach a step further, the team now also produces content including blogs and videos, these include how-to videos for staff that help increase the tech savviness of individuals. The team have firm plans to expand their video content creation to cover all areas of the business.

Managing Partner of Chadwick Lawrence, Neil Wilson, commented “It is important that every team within Chadwick Lawrence is operating to their full potential. By supporting the IT team to take on further responsibilities and integrating them further into the company, we are already seeing positive changes in active IT improvements, and more understanding of IT issues in departments, due to the helpful content the team are producing.”

To effectively communicate the refreshed IT offering, the team embarked upon a company-wide tour of the seven offices that they branded “IT’s on Tour”.

The tour was an opportunity for the team to deliver an educating and interactive talk about their expanding influence and new department capabilities within Chadwick Lawrence, and how they can assist, support and create added value for the wider business.

Beyond technology, the IT team are seeking to “break down general barriers and perceptions” between departments to create a more communicative and team-driven workplace.

The next step for the team will be the expansion of their internal intranet site. The site will soon be a hub for team information, news stories and vlogs and will feature a help desk for rapid assistance.

Head of IT Dan Bell commented: “We’re incredibly excited about the future of the IT Department and the changes have only just begun. We see ourselves as more than just your traditional IT support; we’re thought-leaders within the firm for technology.”

“We’re a dynamic and innovative team and are looking forward to creating further value for Chadwick Lawrence and ‘keeping IT simple’. We want to create consistency across the firm by upskilling as well as designing a standardised way of working to help reduce duplicate work.”


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