Wakefield’s professionals back the BID

Published 25th Nov 2016 by Events

Wakefield's legal eagles and number crunchers have backed the city’s Business Improvement District (BID) as an opportunity to attract and retain new talent into the city.

One of the leading lawyers in the city said attracting skilled people to Wakefield would create a ripple effect that every business sector would benefit from.

Tim Welton, a partner with Williams & Co has offices in Wakefield city centre and Cleckheaton. He said that BID’s four key planks to promote, improve and create a safer business environment that welcomed everyone would attract young professionals at the beginning of the careers and persuade them to stay and make their lives and homes in the city.

“Wakefield BID will have a positive effect on every business. Young professionals from every discipline are attracted to a business environment which offers career development and has a thriving and diverse evening economy.

“There is no end of the career opportunities for young professionals in the city. All disciplines including legal operate in the commercial, corporate, public and private sector who are attracted by the depth of skills and the fact that we don’t have the high operational costs of London.

“Wakefield has a diverse cultural offer with galleries, music and theatre all playing their part. Added to that Wakefield’s bars and restaurants offer a wide and diverse range of food and drink that makes it an attractive evening economy.

“By making Wakefield city centre welcoming and attractive and easily accessible there is a greater incentive for young professionals to stay and make careers with the commercial benefits for every business that brings to the whole city,” he added.

David Owens the chair of Wakefield BID welcomed the backing of the city’s professional sector. “Supporting the BID demonstrates how the professional sector lead by Wakefield Law Society appreciates the ripple effect of investment in marketing the city. By creating an environment and presenting it beyond Wakefield that is welcoming, accessible, safe and diverse they understand how it attracts talented professionals to make long term careers and benefits all businesses.


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