Five Top Employment Law Tips

Published 8th Aug 2016 by Events

Kate Booth from Chamber Patron, Eaton Smith, highlights five top employment law tips to minimise your risks, saving you time, money and help you avoid costly mistakes.

1. Contracts – all employees must be issued with written terms and conditions within the first 2 months of employment. In addition to meeting your legal obligations, a contract of employment can protect you by enabling you to claw bak training fees, make deductions from wages for damage caused by employees, safeguarding your confidential information and preventing employees from joining competitors.

2. Communicate – stop the rumour mill in the workplace by keeping staff informed in advance of key changes and, where appropriate, consulting with them. This should make them more engaged engage in your business, might produce some good ideas and will ensure compliance with legal obligations e.g. consultation in respect of proposed redundancies.

3. Document everything – you need to evidence what you have said and done. Make notes of informal discussions in your work diary/ on the employee’s file, take minutes of meetings, send memos and letters.

4. Be reasonable – the general legal test that is applied to most claims is to ask “what would a reasonable employer do?” When reacting to an employment situation, try not to act in the heat of the moment and ask yourself how other organisations in your industry might react to the same situation.

5. Do your homework – employment law can seem vast and complex, but as long as you do your homework and follow the correct procedures with your staff you will be fine. We offer HR and employment law support and can make your life easier, contact me at


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