Local print solutions firm estimates savings of £25k for Marshall Construction Group

Published 26th Apr 2016 by Events

Print solutions firm, ABS UK Ltd based in Elland, has estimated savings of £25k for neighbouring business Marshall Construction Group.

The commercial development and construction company is projected to make the savings on its annual print expenditure after it was spending an estimated £50,000 a year on ink, toner and maintenance of its printing services at its head office in Elland.

Marshall Construction Group employs 187 people working on everything from major urban regeneration schemes to building fit-outs and refurbishments. The company decided to contact experts ABS UK, based just next door, to carry out a print consultation and review of its printing structure to ensure a more efficient and cost-effective printing system.

The company had 39 printing devices in place costing a considerable amount and was printing just under 17,000 colour copies per month which, on its own was costing over £2,500.

ABS UK recommended just 19 DEVELOP printing systems to overhaul the company’s print management as many of its printers were inefficient and didn’t come with maintenance, meaning they would break down, often leaving the company without a printer, or having to buy new devices.

Andrew Baker, I.T group coordinator/architect at Marshall Construction Group said: “Moving to a print managed solution service has not only helped us financially, but has also brought time and user-friendly benefits.

“All of our devices now come from the same supplier which helps alleviate redundant inks and toners when a machine breaks down and the ordering of toners is done automatically by ABS UK remotely, so there is no need for different parts of the group to order their own inks and toners. The same applies if a machine is faulty.

“We took a great deal of time to assess the market before making a decision, coincidentally on our neighbours ABS UK Ltd. We very much hope the partnership continues”.

Brett Abson, sales director at ABS UK said: “We are delighted to have helped our next door neighbour save 50% on their printing costs and continue to support local firms with our expert print consultancy.

“Many businesses don’t realise how much printing and the maintenance of their printing systems can cost them and normally overlook the costs involved, but as Marshall Construction Group prove, it can amount to a considerable sum over time which can be better spent elsewhere in your business.”


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