Team A-SAFE completes the world’s toughest assault course

Published 11th Aug 2015 by Emma Sinfield

Thirty four employees of various ages and athletic abilities from Halifax-based safety barrier specialists and chamber member A-SAFE, battle eleven miles of mud, moorland, clay and twenty-six fiendish obstacles.

Just one aim: to complete the gruelling Tough Mudder assault course in aid of the company’s chosen charity, Yorkshire Cancer Research.

A-SAFE employees gathered in the warm-up zone at 8:40am, some of them fully prepared for the trials and tribulations ahead following months of disciplined and extensive training – and others who had taken an alternative approach to their preparation and had, maybe, just started to feel a little bit apprehensive.

Yorkshire’s Triathlon World Champion and Olympic medal winner Jonathan Brownlee was on hand to offer encouragement, and soon the event was underway.

Any A-SAFE employees still secretly enjoying an extended Saturday morning sleepwalk were soon woken up by ‘Arctic Enema’ – a slide from height into an ice bath, followed by another icy plunge under tyres in order to resurface on the other side. Other challenges included 'Funky Monkey', 'Everest 2.0' and ‘Mud Mile’ – a series of slippery clay mounds with water either side. The 'Mud Mile' obstacle was passable only through concerted teamwork and saw A-SAFE employees haul each other over the mounds one by one – but those wanting to keep hair and make-up in check were clearly in for a bad day.

As the miles piled up, it was inevitable that some employees suffered the odd strain, the onset of cramp, or the revenge of some past ailment and dropped off the pace. Despite this, it was important that those that did fall behind took on a different mind-set and battled forward without the encouragement of their workmates.

hen, finally, there was ‘Electroshock Therapy’ – in front of a large crowd, Tough Mudders needed to pass through a cage with innocuous looking strings hanging from the top. Except they weren’t strings. They were live wires packing 10,000 Volts of electricity. But the shock to aching bodies didn’t stop A-SAFE employees from finally crossing the finishing line beyond.

Completion of the course was a great achievement for every employee, whatever their time – and the knowledge that each individual had contributed towards a company charity fundraising record of over £3,700 enhanced the feeling of satisfaction.

Michelle Foulks, Regional Fundraising Officer at Yorkshire Cancer Research, said: “I’d like to say a huge congratulations and thank you to the whole A-SAFE team for not only completing such a grueling challenge but also managing to smash their fundraising target. An amazing effort by all! The money raised will go towards funding vital research projects to help people in Yorkshire avoid, survive and cope with cancer.”

It is still possible to donate to A-SAFE’s fundraising efforts for Yorkshire Cancer Research via JustGiving: please visit


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