What could poor maths and English skills cost your business?

Published 13th Apr 2015 by Emma Sinfield

Over the years companies across the UK, and beyond, have reported the impact poor English and maths skills have on their business.

Research has found the average annual cost to employers of low basic skills is £3.2 billion per year.

If poor maths and English skills are affecting the productivity of your employees, learndirect can help.

Thanks to European Social Funding (ESF)* in the Yorkshire and Humber area, we can upskill your staff with our free maths and English courses so they can improve their confidence and efficiency at work. The ESF Funding can support your employees if they’re aged 19 and over and are employed for a minimum of eight hours per week. What’s more, if you have fewer than 250 employees you may also be entitled to additional financial support for up to three staff members of £800 each - so you could receive £2,400**.

Whether they need to communicate professionally with customers, write emails, deal with petty cash or keep on top of a budget, our maths and English qualifications can help your staff to be more productive, increase customer satisfaction and improve communication.

Sarah Carey, an inclusion manager at her local school did a maths qualification with learndirect to help her in her career. She said: "I now feel much more confident when working with data and working out things like percentages. Not having a maths qualification was always a barrier to progressing my career but now I’ve removed the barrier I’m confident I can go after the job I really want."

To find out how learndirect can help your business call our local representative, Sarah Stevenson on 07508 654 412 or email


*Subject to availability. We’ll confirm this with you before you start.

**The payment is made to the employer to cover additional costs whilst the employee is released from their place of work to undertake the training. The funding is paid when an employee has achieved their qualification.


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