Do you provide an unforgettable customer experience?

Published 10th Nov 2014 by Events

​It’s an inevitable but a very predictable business challenge, when businesses are small, personal service is easier to deliver. As businesses grow, competing priorities, increasing workloads and growth challenges set in, and it’s easy to lose focus on the customer experience and the service you provide.

When your customer experience starts to slip, so then does customer loyalty, your sales, profit and reputation.

Richard Kimber of member company The Customer Experience Coach, believes that every business, no matter what its size, is capable of delivering a great customer experience and you too can learn how not to lose sight of this as your business grows.

Richard's new book ‘The Unforgettable Customer Experience’ is aimed at the growing business and will help you to step back and re-focus on what’s most important to your customers.

The book, gives you the inside knowledge, in addition to a wealth of practical tips and advice that you can apply today, so that you and your customers can to start to feel the benefits immediately.

Richard helps businesses of all sizes solve this particular growth challenge.

The book is out now and can be ordered online in both hard copy and kindle version.

To get connected, get supported and have your say on business issues that matter like The Customer Experience Coach, join your Chamber today. 


Sue Oliver, 11 November 2014 02:49 PM:

Great to see a publication like this. I'm a firm believer in offering a 'celebrity service' to every potential client/customer.

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