Italian Public Broadcaster RAI installs Calrec Audio Console for Live News

Published 28th Oct 2014 by Events

Italian state broadcaster RAI has installed member Hebden Bridge based member company Calrec Audio's Artemis Light digital audio console as part of its new TV4 regional news studio in Milan.

The console, which handles daily live news, is tightly integrated with RAI's video switcher via purpose-built software from Calrec. RAI, the country's largest broadcaster, operates a variety of television channels and radio stations, broadcasting via digital terrestrial transmission and from several satellite and IPTV platforms.

"The tender specifications called for two consoles and a separate audio matrix, which offered no redundancy. With Artemis Light, we have achieved more power, more redundancy, and more flexibility — not to mention cost savings — using a single Calrec mixer instead of the requested two mixers and one matrix," said Alessandro Asti, Vice President of sales at ARET video and audio engineering, Calrec's partner in Italy responsible for sales, training, and support. 

"The full redundancy, maximum reliability, and latest FPGA technology in the Artemis Light console make it perfect for RAI's demanding live-news environment. You really need to use this desk in a real-world situation to understand how powerful and immediate it is!"

The Artemis Light's total redundancy means there is no need for another mixer for emergency backup. It control all signals from a single surface, which saves considerable time, installation cost, and management. 

Matteo Colombo, sound engineer at RAI commented "Users can easily identify each control by its color, which means they can focus on the mix rather than on the desk itself. All of our operators were proficient in using the console after just three days of training from Calrec."

"We welcomed the challenge of developing customized software that would enable the deep integration RAI needed. It lets RAI take advantage of the console's flexibility, ease of use, reliability, and resilience within its existing video environment. At the same time, RAI gets higher-quality output and great sound along with ARET's local support," said Charles Rowden, Calrec senior sales manager for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. "We are delighted to further strengthen our relationship with RAI, and we are especially pleased with the growing trend of European broadcasters investing in Calrec products."

Information about Calrec and its products is available at and

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