Calrec announces new products at 2014 International Broadcasting Convention

Published 14th Oct 2014 by Events

​At the 2014 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC2014) Halifax-based member Calrec Audio introduced a line of new products.

One such product was the brand new variant on the Summa console. The Summa console offers broadcast-focused facilities presented via a straightforward and intuitive control surface. Allowing broadcasters to scale resources to their requirements, Summa is now available with 128 or 180 channels.

At IBC2014 Calrec also launched a Dante interface, which works in conjunction with Hydra2 across the entire range of Calrec Bluefin2 consoles.

Also at IBC2014, Calrec unveiled three new assistive apps: Soccer Assist, Ice Hockey Assist and Fader Assist. The Assist suite of iPad® apps takes advantage of Calrec’s Serial Control Protocol to simplify workflow and provide operators with new ways to interface with Calrec consoles.

"In today's busy production environments, there is increasing pressure on operators to create a more immersive viewing experience," says Calrec's Head of Sales Henry Goodman.

"One of the many tasks the audio operator must manage is capturing all important events during live sporting occasions while maintaining a steady background level of crowd and venue noise. Calrec has developed these apps as an assistive tool to ease the pressure in this demanding working environment."

The range of apps will be available on the App Store in late October.

For more information, visit Calrec’s website.

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