A-SAFE boffins claim double eureka moment

Published 27th Oct 2014 by Events

​Most of us will have had an Archimedes moment – a flash of inspiration that solves a long-standing issue or that elusive light bulb flash when synapses connect and a quandary is quashed.

Of course, inspiration may not always come to you in the bath like it did for the famous Ancient Greek scholar – you could just as easily be out driving the car or walking the dog – but even Archimedes himself never claimed to have had a double Eureka! moment.

But the research and development boffins at Wakefield-based member A-SAFE, inventors of the world’s first fixed polymer safety barriers, can perhaps lay claim to such double-headed sparks of inventiveness.

Their RackGuard rack protection system was already a Eureka! product, installed in factories and warehouses around the world, protecting racking from the heavy impact of machinery. It was flexible, visually prominent and capable of absorbing impact, therefore reducing damage to the racking and, just as crucially, protecting stock and personnel in the process.

But the new iFlex RackGuard takes an already fantastic product and improves it by implementing a whole host of new and unique benefits. In comes a Compression Hinge to ensure the rack leg is in a constant state of compression and is securely gripped. Then, a Centralising Rubber Lug ensures the RackGuard fits centrally to any rack leg. Finally, Ten Frictional Grip Points provide an improved overall grip to any rack leg.

Add these features to the built-in memory properties of the material, Memaplex, which allows the RackGuard to return to its original shape after repeated impacts, and include the fact that RackGuard will now fit around any leg size, and you are left with a simply unbeatable product that is an improvement on an already truly outstanding design.

A-SAFE are running a competition for your Eureka! moments. Your stories could be personal or business-related, inspirational or humorous, short and snappy or long and winding.

They have a pack of specially branded A-SAFE beer for their three favourites – and a Twitter follow and a Facebook like for every business that enters.

Please visit the Facebook page and leave your comments on the competition post.

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