Scholarships reward outstanding achievement for new Year 7 Pupils

Published 8th Sep 2014 by Events

​Once again the summer holidays have drawn to an end and a new academic year has begun with member Hipperholme Grammar School, welcoming its new Year 7 pupils into the Senior School.

Assembly on the first day of the new School year began with Headmaster Mr Jack Williams welcoming all new students, from Year 7 through to Sixth Form. For the first time they joined in singing the School Song ‘Carmen Hipperholmiense’ in Latin.

Each new Year 7 pupil was invited onto the stage to receive their tie (for the boys) and lapel badge (for the girls) which signifies their membership of one of the three Houses, Broadley, Lister and Sunderland, each being a founding benefactor of the School in 1648.

Mr Williams then congratulated the new Year 7 ‘Scholars’, a small group of pupils who have been awarded a Scholarship to study at the School for the next 5 years. Each pupil has earned their Scholarship through hard work, effort and achievement academically, for musical talent or sporting excellence. These pupils are expected to be an outstanding role model as they progress through the School.

Scholarships were awarded to:

George Gillgrass – Academic Scholarship

Olivia Turner – Academic Scholarship

Jonah Carroll – Music Scholarship

Ella Clark – Sports Scholarship.

The recently introduced 100% Fenton Scholarship, was awarded to George Gillgrass for his outstanding performance in the School’s Entrance Examination last October. 

“I would like to congratulate each of our new Scholars.” said Mr Williams. “We will once again offer the Fenton Scholarship for entry into Year 7 in September 2015, providing 100% fee remission to the pupil achieving the highest marks in our Entrance Examination on Saturday, 22nd November.

"I am confident that we will see a significant number of excellent results again this year. As a registered charity, our School is committed to recognising the achievements and talents of individual children from all backgrounds and to enabling them to benefit from the School's excellent academic, extra-curricular and pastoral provision.”

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