Success for Hipperholme Grammar Pupils in Junior Maths Challenge 2014

Published 14th Aug 2014 by Events

​The summer term at member Hipperholme Grammar School, ended with a number of lower school pupils receiving their certificates in the 2014 Junior Maths Challenge.

This is a rigorous national event taken by about a quarter of a million students across the country and run by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust from the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds.

The Challenge is designed for the most able mathematicians and to achieve a Gold Award, pupils are ranked in approximately the top 2% of the UK’s mathematical population! 

Hipperholme Grammar School Maths Teacher Mr Stuart Rose was therefore extremely pleased this year when two of his pupils secured a Gold Award certificate: Jayvian Mavi (who was also ‘Best in School’ and ‘Best in Year 8’) and Nichola Backhouse (who also achieved ‘Best in Year 7’). Other notable success was gained by Bronze certificate winners Harrison Layden-Fritz and Ben Cooper in Year 8, and Zainab Sajjad, Sophie Noble and Isabelle Williams in Year 7.

As well as the hard work, everyone entered got some enjoyment from the puzzles that they had to solve. 

Now it's your turn to try, here are a couple of the questions: 

The first two terms of a sequence are 1 and 2. Each of the following terms in the sequence is the sum of all the terms before it in the sequence.

Which of these is NOT a term in the sequence?

A 6 B 24 C 48 D 72 E 96

In the calculation 952473 divided by 18, which two adjacent digits should be swapped in order to increase the result by 100

A 9 and 5 B 5 and 2 C 2 and 4 D 4 and 7 E 7 and 3

Congratulations to these outstanding pupils and very well done to everyone in Years 7 and 8 for taking part in the Challenge, if you'd like to know the answers email the Chamber marketing team. 

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