Klüber Lubrication opens new HQ signalling growth initiative

Published 15th Jul 2014 by Events

The Yorkshire headquarters for member company Klüber Lubrication GB has been opened by Huddersfield MP, Barry Sheerman, who welcomed the expansion of the company in the region.

He said that the Pennine Business Park location was uniquely placed to benefit from new and expanding developments on the East Coast and Yorkshire and he called for greater collaboration between manufacturers to boost the UK offering.

The Chair for the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Manufacturing told his German hosts that their investment in personnel and product developmet would be a key staple in Klüber Lubrication and the UK’s continued manufacturing success.

Mr Sheerman said that the geographical proximity to other leading engineering companies with strong export books could support growth at Klüber Lubrication.

His thoughts were echoed by Claus Langgartner, the speaker of the main Klüber Lubrication board in Münich who said that the company was keen to grow organically through existing and emerging sectors by providing products which helped organisations cut costs in a sustainable way.

"Klüber Lubrication is already a major player in established sectors including food, oil and gas as well as pharmaceuticals and biotechs, but emerging sectors such as renewables, marine and life sciences are all opportinities for us which we intend to exploit,“ he said. "Klüber Lubrication is all about solving problems for industry and manufacturing,“ he said.

"Our customers are seeking to reduce costs, maintain efficiencies and adhere to legislative constraints. Klüber Lubrication can help solve their problems. Our tribological products and systems are effective, sustainable using renewable products and cost effective,“ he added,

"Already we are introducing renewable products such as sunflower lubricants which deliver the same, if not better results, cheaper. These we will continue to develop as the emphasis switches to enviromentally acceptable lubricants (EAL) which biodegrade much faster without losing any of their effectiveness

At the same time we have the Registration, Evaluation, Administration of Chemicals (REACh) directive to consider which will entail the removal from industry of certain products. This presents new opportunities for pioneering products to come to market - a challenge we at Klüber Lubrication relish."

Paul Holland, Managing Director Sales and Marketing, said the company would be focusing on very targeted growth: "We already work extensively in the oil and gas markets but there are specific parts of those sectors which are ripe for our tribological lubricants.

We have already recruited some highly skilled engineers and technicians and are still hunting for key personnel. It is about finding the right people rather than any people.“ 

Our new Huddersfield base will also allow us to develop our training offer to customers. We will be able to deliver seminars and technical workshops, which are a real bonus for customers implementing large scale lubrication solutions.“

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