Take part in the Chamber's Quarterly Economic Survey

Published 2nd Jun 2014 by Events

The QES is the largest business survey of its kind and is widely read by politicians and policy makers

The Chamber invites you to participate in our Quarter 2 Economic Survey.

Our first survey of 2014 showed positivity among Mid Yorkshire firms. With increases in export volumes and employment, and investment figures improving, it was clear that businesses felt renewed confidence in the local and national economy and were once again focusing on growth. We hope that these trends will continue into the second quarter of the year.

Your feedback through these surveys not only informs our lobbying activity but is used by the Treasury and Bank of England in their decision making processes. 

As a national barometer of business confidence which also highlights local trends, this survey is an invaluable tool to decision makers at all levels and is featured regularly in our local press as well as in the national business pages. As the General Election of 2015 grows closer your feedback is increasingly important both in shaping the British Chamber's messages to government, and informing the business agendas of the political parties.

Take the survey and let us know the issues affecting your business.

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