A breath of fresh air in social media

Published 3rd Jun 2014 by Events

Read, and watch, Nicola Mellor's journey from redundancy to starting her own social media business with the West Yorkshire Enterprise Agency.

When Nicola Mellor was made redundant from her job in marketing, she knew deep down that it wouldn’t hold her back. The 26-year-old, who lives in Slaithwaite with her boyfriend Elliot and dog, Tia, worked as a sales and marketing manager for luxury horseboxes before being made redundant.

Nicola started NEA training in May 2013 after hearing about it from networking colleagues. It was while she was attending network meetings and meeting local businesses that she realized there was a huge interest in social media. “Lots of people wanted to harness its power but not many knew how to actually do it,” she says.

And so, in August 2013, Pepamint Social Media Management and Marketing was born. The company’s main focus is social media management (for example, managing social media accounts on behalf of local businesses, tweeting, posting content and interacting with the audience) but it also offers blog writing, marketing, SEO and even web hosting.

Since it started, Pepamint has gone from strength to strength. Testimonials from satisfied customers describe Nicola, variously, as “inspiring”, “professional” and “dedicated”, with one client boasting that he had reached page one of Google after employing Pepamint’s services.

On her route to success, Nicola has attended several WYEA courses including Be Your Own Boss, Business Plan Bootcamp and Marketing and Selling, as well as the Princes Trust Enterprise Programme.

Nicola has always been focused and, if anything, her redundancy gave her the extra spurt she needed to succeed. “I am a very ambitious individual and I have always been driven to be successful in my career,” she says, adding, “Being self-employed has given me the opportunity to be able to do this. I am in control now of my own success and it is my responsibility to make sure it happens.”

It’s no surprise that she has plans for growth and intends to employ a full-time member of staff and expand the business to offer more marketing services. She currently has a part-time staff member assisting with admin.

Through it all, Nicola was mentored by Andy Lee from Andy Lee Coaching, whose support she describes as “invaluable”: “He’s helped me with my website, email, business strategy and overcoming any problems. I really can’t thank him enough.”

The Mid Yorkshire Chamber has played a significant role in the success of her business, says Nicola: “The Chamber has provided me with access to networking meetings, training and support which I am eternally grateful for. I would highly recommend joining a chamber to anyone who hasn’t already done so.”

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