Member Brandon Medical assist in design of new operating lights

Published 2nd May 2014 by Events

NHS Staff have worked with engineers from member company Brandon Medical and scientists from TWI and Sagentia, in a 2 year collaborative research programme to develop improved surgical lighting and AV integration.

With medial AV now at the heart of the modern digital operating room, member Brandon Medical has paid particular attention to video integration in the design of the new light. Quasar® eLite is the first OR light which incorporates full SDI High Definition cameras and zoom controls, which are fully embedded within the slim lamp head. The new SDI system eliminates the expensive electronics and loss of signal quality normally associated with transmission through the rotating joints of an OR light to produce an outstanding picture quality on large monitors. 

Quasar® eLite has been designed to minimise infections and adheres to world-class hygienic design principles. Andrew Kemp, Consultant Infection Control Nurse commented that “the surface of the lamp is easily the best design I have seen for cleaning.” The smooth continuous surfaces are easy to clean with minimal split lines, an anti-microbial agent is integrated into the lamp head surfaces and the lamp heads are sealed to IP54 guarding against the ingress of dirt and liquids. Embedding the camera inside the light head removes one of the hardest cleanliness problems and protects an expensive component from accidental damage. Wireless remote controls are also available enabling the lighting intensity, focus and camera zoom to be controlled outside of the sterile field.

The HD-LED lighting technology of Quasar eLite, provides the surgeon with accurate full colour representation of anatomical structures during procedures. The colour temperature adjustable light (3,500 – 5,000°K) makes all colours vivid and vibrant making it easy to distinguish small differences in tissue. Such accurate colour rendition makes the light do the work rather than the human eye and ensures visual comfort for the duration of procedures.

Graeme Hall – Managing Director comments:

“We’ve a long history of delivering innovation at Brandon Medical, but this project has been working to a whole new level. Quasar eLite is the result of working closely with Professors of Surgery, Consultants and infection control specialists to deliver a new product that addresses their everyday issues and delivers real life user benefits. On the industry side, our partners include two of the UK’s top technology research agencies in Sagentia and TWI. The result is a revolutionary change in the quality of surgical light and the creation of a stunningly uniform illuminated area for the surgeon. This project shows what we can do in Britain, when we work together to innovate and make better products”

For further information please contact Brandon Medical on +44 (0)113 277 7393 visit the website, follow @brandonmedical or email the team.

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