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Published 12th Nov 2013 by Events

Huddersfield staff recruitment agency and Chamber member Stafflex, have become the first company in the UK to run an innovative women’s safety course for its staff and clients.

They worked with another local organisation – Freedom Personal Safety – who ran the course on Saturday 9th November. Staff and clients learned how to reduce risks and increase awareness to keep themselves safe, as well as some physical techniques to stop someone hurting them.

Stafflex scheduled the course at the time of year when the evenings are shorter and many women feel more vulnerable travelling to and from work or being out at night.

The course was delivered by personal safety specialist, Julie Tweedale, who commented ‘Many local organisations have run our Stay Safe 2 hour workshops but Stafflex have demonstrated their commitment to staff and client welfare and wellbeing by running the Stay Safe Forever course.

This means that the women who do the course will be able to return and practice at future courses free of charge for the rest of their lives. Stafflex are giving their staff and clients life skills which could actually save their lives. It is great to think that the first organisation in the UK to do this is in Huddersfield.’

Julie is an accredited RAD instructor and trained in the USA with RAD-Systems. She and her business partner Elaine Howard are the only two instructors in the UK, though there are thousands running the course in North America. The course is designed for all women, regardless of age, size, agility or level of fitness and uses simple techniques to escape from a vulnerable or threatening situation. Participants will also learn about responding to harassment, the law and self defence, body language and emotional safety.

If you would like a Stay Safe Forever course at your workplace, contact Julie.

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