Overcome Stage Fright With Member Company Lattitude 7 Seminar

Published 9th Oct 2013 by Events

Member company Lattitude 7 will be holding a seminar to assist delegates in overcoming stage fright.

This full-day programme to be held on Friday 15th November, is designed to help you to develop the emotional strength and technical skills to enable you to impart appropriate knowledge, in a compelling way. The session is highly interactive and there’ll be lots of opportunity to practise the techniques presented.

The seminar will benefit people who struggle with the following areas:

  • Demonstrating confidence
  • Handling nerves prior to a presentation
  • Fielding questions and dealing with interrogation
  • Engaging with an audience
  • Turning a 30-word sentence into a concise impact statement
  • Breathing life and injecting humour into flat material
  • Turning negatives into positives
  • Having a positive mind-set and feeling capable of ‘doing something different’
  • Fine-tuning elevator pitches in order to sell ‘through the room’

The seminar will cover presentation fundamentals, shaping moments, why we are better than we think we are, transferring knowledge with clarity, elevator pitch structure, innovation, impact, handling questions from the floor, making routine passages come alive and expanding communication zones.

It will support delegates in controlling nervousness, creating more self belief and ensuring giving talks will be something to look forward to in future. It will look at structuring a talk, ways to remember key points, powerful openings and memorable closing lines.

The session will be held from 8:30am to 4pm and refreshments and lunch will be included. The programme will be held with a small group of delegates and will be set in an atmosphere of trust and respect. A professional workbook is included together with a framed certificate.
The training will take place in the newly-refurbished Great Victoria Hotel in Bradford, a fitting place for quality delegates and is offered at the very competitive price of £145.

For more information please email Martin Haigh or call 07801 030 004

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