Top Tips for Attracting Visitors to Your KBC Stand

Published 23rd Jul 2013 by Events

With Kirklees Business Conference 2013 swiftly approaching we’d like to offer some top tips on attracting and engaging visitors to your exhibition stand.

Kirklees Business Conference will be held at the John Smith's Stadium 16th October 2013.

Making the most of your exhibition stand involves focusing on two key things; attracting visitors to your stand and interacting with them once they are there. We want to assist you in keeping the interest on your stand high to make sure you get a return from your investment at exhibiting at one of our regions key business exhibitions.

Attracting visitors to your stand

In order to engage with your visitors, you first need to appeal to them, enticing them to your stand.

Amuse visitors
First contact with your visitors should intrigue them. This can be achieved in various ways; sound and activity are the obvious ways to increase interest straight away.

Stand Design
This an imperative part of any businesses marketing. The design must be eye catching and informative. Lighting, bold colours and short but sharp text will attract visitors to your stand allowing you to put to practise your engagement techniques.

Knowing your stuff
Knowledge of the industry is a big encouragement for visitors to your stand. Ensure you have engaging topics and workshops for visitors allowing them to see how much you know about the industry and environment you’re working in. This will also gain trust in visitors resulting in successful networking opportunities.

Technology is underrated at trade shows. Technology will allow you to stand out from the crowd if used correctly. Even something as simple as a presentation projection can differentiate from those stands with just hard copies of literature. Things as simple as using tablets for brochures containing your products, and well focused lighting, will most definitely improve your perception to visitors as up to date, on trend and modern.

No Clutter!
Even the simplest things can make a difference to attracting visitors, such as having no clutter on your stand. A cluttered stand will only deter people; however the same goes for a bare stand. You need to get the balance right between too much and too little.

Engaging visitors at your stand

Once you have enticed people to your stand, you then need to engage them. It is best to combine a range of techniques to ensure visitors remember your stand.

Never go alone
The first and foremost ‘rule’ is to never go alone. The worst thing you can do in terms of engaging customers is get them to your stand and then have no one there to speak with. Ensure you take along a few colleagues or sole traders - take along a friend or family member; just ensure they are clued up on your business.

Consider giving out refreshment to visitors, they are often hard to come by or expensive. Hot drinks give you time to engage the visitor in conversation while they wait for it to cool.

Ensure you have engaging staff – Stands need staff seemingly friendly and knowledgeable, but they also need that extra something that makes visitors stop and listen.

Utilise Displays
Displays and videos are eye-catching, stimulating and informative. Include a call-to-action such as "take one of our leaflets" or "scan this QR-code for more info" to increase contact interaction.

Live Tweets
Live Tweets are becoming increasingly popular with venues to allow visitors to follow, use #KBC13 for conference updates leading up to and on the day.

Technology not only helps to attract visitors but is also a great way of gathering contact details, completing surveys and demonstrating your products. People are far more likely to leave their contact details on tablet than a long paper form.

Following up

It is always important to follow up with new leads within a few days. Where possible, make the follow up personal. A personalised message is much more memorable and will most definitely benefit the perception of your brand.

Exhibitions are a big investment – but attracting, engaging and following up contacts are a sure fire way to ensure an increase your return on investment.

For more information on Kirkless Business Conference visit the website and Chamber members book your exhibition stand with an exclusive £100 reduced member rate.


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