What do Buckingham Palace carpets, London Eye glass cabins, and the world’s largest nodding dog have in common?

Published 1st Oct 2012 by Events

You could be forgiven for not knowing that they were all made in Huddersfield, but a group of businesses are determined that very soon, everyone will be able to reel off a whole host of Huddersfield facts, from the trivial to the jaw-dropping.

It’s all part of a combined local effort to promote the town, highlighting the incredible things which make it stand out from others.

“You might have seen our recent True or False bus and roundabout campaign.” said Sean Jarvis, Commercial Director of Huddersfield Town and Chair of the business group steering the project’s development.

“What might appear to be trivial facts on the surface is really an exercise to build a strong brand for Huddersfield, telling everyone what we’re great at, and why it is such a good place to live and do business.”

The campaign introduces the concept of Huddersfield being The Place To Make It, and it’s a concept that other local businesses are being invited to get behind. From using the logo to submitting and using Huddersfield facts, organisations are being encouraged to join the 40+ businesses that are already on board.

For more information see or email the Place To Make It team at:

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