An Exciting Opportunity for Kirklees Companies

Published 19th Jun 2012 by Events

Kirklees Council and CO2Sense have joined forces to offer Kirklees businesses the opportunity to obtain grant funding of up to £8,000 - 50% match funding to help your business cut costs and carbon emissions, through the purchase of new waste or energy saving equipment or more efficient machinery.

Businesses interested in applying need to contact Jim Porter to organise an initial environmental audit of their premises, resulting in recommendations of the best measures to put in place. Then, as long as you are eligible, you can apply for a grant for up to 50% of the cost of this equipment, up to £8,000 for the new equipment that will help your business to make these savings.

Examples of the type of work that the grants could fund include introducing energy efficient lighting, insulation, heating, destratification fans, replacing older appliances or machinery with energy efficient models, or installing inverters on motors.

The grant is available through funding from the European Regional Development Fund. To apply for the grant your business must meet ERDF eligibility criteria of employing less than 250 employees, having a turnover of less than €50million, not being 25% owned by another businesses, and having received less than €200,000 in state aid in the three years prior to funding.

If you are interested please contact Jim Porter as soon as possible, as the funding is only available for a limited period, and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Jim Porter
Environmental Business Advisor
Kirklees Council Green Business Network
Tel: 01484 221660

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