Mid Yorkshire Chamber Quarterly Economic Survey

Published 3rd May 2012 by Events

The Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry asks businesses from Wakefield, Kirklees and Calderdale to take part in our short Quarterly Economic Survey.


As you are aware, the Chamber works hard to keep fully updated with the latest business intelligence in order to help us develop and refine our business policy agenda. The QES provides us with a unique insight into the grass-roots trends, issues and confidence levels of the business community in our region, and the greater the participation, the more robust and useful the survey becomes.

Our new-look survey is completed online, and in addition to the standard questions, we have this time added some questions about Apprenticeships – but the survey time still falls within our three-minute target. The survey respects anonymity and confidentiality, although we do now ask for the first part of your Postcode so that we can perform more informed Geographical analyses of the results.

We recognise that time is a precious commodity - but we assure you that the short time the survey takes to complete is extremely worthwhile and very important to every member of our Chamber as well as to the wider business community in our region.

The results from the Mid Yorkshire Chamber region feed into the new Leeds City Region (LCR) QES as well as into the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) National Survey which is the UK’s largest and most influential business survey. It provides a truly accurate representation of the British economy – and is widely utilised by Chambers’ of Commerce, Government bodies, the Bank of England and other public institutions to assist with important policy-making decisions.


Please participate by following the link:

Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Economic Survey

Please note that the final date for submission is Monday 5th December

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