Have Your Say on Transport in West Yorkshire

Published 8th May 2012 by Events

Transport infrastructure is consistently high on the Chamber’s policy agenda. It is essential that our region’s transport infrastructure meets the needs and ambitions of our businesses and individuals, giving access to shops and business premises, bringing our people to work on time and in comfort and opening the region to business opportunities from across the UK and abroad. The Chamber lobby hard on this issue and have welcomed recent announcements on improvements to the Caldervale railway line and the electrification of the Transpennine line to Manchester. However, there is much more to do if our transport infrastructure is to meet the growing demands of the region. The survey and events below give Chamber members the opportunity to give direct feedback on local transport issues, to help develop better transport for West Yorkshire.


Have Your Say!

Help Shape Transport in West Yorkshire

In April 2011, the Local Transport Plan Partnership published MyJourney West Yorkshire, a new 15-year Local Transport Plan (LTP), setting out West Yorkshire’s transport needs and ambitions to 2026. Thank you again to all those people who helped to develop that new plan.

Over the first year, the Partnership have made good progress in delivering initiatives and schemes to support economic growth, low carbon and people’s quality of life.

They have also developed five new, themed plans to support the main LTP in specific areas. Today, the West Yorkshire LTP Partnership is launching a public consultation to find out what you think about these plans so they can develop them further. The consultation runs from Tuesday 8 May to Monday 2 July.
The five plans are:


• RailPlan 7: What do you think about the plans for rail improvements over the next 15 years in West Yorkshire;

• Transport Asset Management Plan: what do you think about the plans to look after West Yorkshire’s transport assets such as roads, bridges and bus shelters;

• Freight Plan: give feedback on plans to keep freight moving about in West Yorkshire;

• Network Management Plan: give feedback on plans to keep traffic moving on our busy roads;

• Targets and Indicators: tell the LTP Partnership what you think about plans to measure their progress on delivering what they promise.

Visit the LTP website and complete one of the online surveys.

Come and see the West Yorkshire Local Transport Plan Partnership at one of their workshops and drop-in events, which will be taking place across West Yorkshire.

Visit the LTP website for online surveys and events information

Thank you for helping us develop better transport for West Yorkshire.

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