Wakefield Apprenticeship Challenge

Published 3rd Feb 2012 by Events

Today marks the launch of the Wakefield Apprenticeship Challenge

The Wakefield Apprenticeship Challenge has been launched to raise awareness of the benefits of Apprenticeships for individuals, for businesses and for the District, and to secure commitment to an additional 100 Apprenticeship opportunities across Wakefield within 100 days.


Rising to the Wakefield Apprenticeship Challenge

Wakefield Council, in partnership with Wakefield College, the National Apprenticeship Service and West Yorkshire Learning Providers, are launching a significant new initiative to increase the number of Apprenticeships in Wakefield and would like to invite you to be a part of it.  The Wakefield Apprenticeship Challenge aims to secure commitment to an additional 100 Apprenticeship opportunities from Wakefield Businesses over the next 100 days.


As a group of stakeholder organisations in Wakefield, we want to inform you about the benefits Apprenticeships can bring to your business and the economy of the District.


Wakefield has seen a lot of economic successes recently and we want to ensure that, moving forward, we build on this and ensure that the District grows and is in a position to strengthen its economic position.  One way of supporting this is to work with local businesses, like you, to increase the number of Apprenticeships available to residents and the workforce of Wakefield District, which, in turn, will strengthen the economic and competitive position of the District for the future.


Skills shortages and recruitment difficulties pose a significant barrier to business performance. Apprenticeships can offer a route to the fresh new talent your business needs, ensuring that you have a motivated workforce that has the practical skills and qualifications your organisation requires now and in the future.


Starting someone on an Apprenticeship or supporting your current workforce via Apprenticeships is easier than you think.  A dedicated employer services team and local training provider will support you at every stage to make sure the process is simple and easy to get started and to support you and the apprentice through their training and work.


If you are thinking of recruiting or up-skilling your workforce, why not consider offering an Apprenticeship - you may even be eligible to receive funding to support your commitment.


To find out more about Apprenticeships and what they can offer your business visit the Apprenticeship website on or call free of 08000 150 600


We want to ensure that the Wakefield District's economy is strong enough to withstand the current pressures and would encourage you to 'come onboard' and support the Wakefield Apprenticeship Challenge!

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