Workforce Survey

Published 30th Mar 2011 by Emma Sinfield

The British Chambers of Commerce are canvassing businesses for their view on employment.

British businesses require an effective workforce, one that can adapt to the changing economy and the pressures and opportunities presented by a global market. In order for the Chamber Network to promote businesses' views the BCC want to understand what encourages employers to take on staff - and what skills employers need in their workforce in order to grow their business.

They are also keen to understand why the self employed and some companies choose not to take on staff or additional staff. With this knowledge, collected through the Workforce Survey, they can pressure Government to create the right business environment to allow organisations to take on the staff they need to achieve their full potential.

The survey takes ten minutes to complete and you can access it here. The results will be published on the Chamber's website when the research has been completed.

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