Five Steps to Smarter Energy Management

Published 23rd Feb 2011 by Emma Sinfield

Chamber Utilities™ has been re-launched with a revitalised new brand and a comprehensive range of solutions to cost-effectively buy and manage electricity and gas consumption.

As carbon reduction remains high on the Government’s agenda and energy prices continue to rise, this new range of products and services can play a vital role in helping you reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

Chamber Utilities™ aims to take the hassle out of energy management by launching an easy five step programme to help members. 

Step one: REGISTER

Chamber Utilities™ offers a new no cost Renewal Reminder Service that stops you missing your contract renewal dates and paying over-inflated ‘out of contract’ tariffs.  Ask your Chamber for a Renewal Reminder form.

Step two: PURCHASE

Chamber Utilities™ is an independent energy broker which takes away the complexity and risk of energy purchasing and secures the best gas and electricity tariffs to suit your business. 

Step three: MONITOR

Chamber Utilities™ bureau service will validate your bills and look for incorrect charges, ensuring you only pay for what you use and giving you peace of mind to focus on your day-to-day business.

Step four: CONTROL

Knowing how you use your energy is key to saving it. Smart metering services and monitoring and targeting tools can track and analyse consumption, helping you find ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

Step five: SAVE

Chamber Utilities™ offers a dedicated independent energy, carbon and water consultancy service.  We can advise you on generating your own energy and making money from it.  We can also help you reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency, with access to a variety of solutions including building management systems, lighting, heat pumps and combined heat and power.

Chamber Utilities™ is part of the global ENER-G group, a recent National Business Award winner.  ENER-G has a £130 million turnover and operates in 18 countries. The company was one of the founder members of the Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA), created to bring best practice and transparency to the way electricity and gas brokers do business. 

Visit our brand new website:  or call 0844 225 1650.


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