MY Kickstart from Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

MY Kickstart is a Gateway service primarily for businesses and social enterprises in Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield that want to get involved in the Kickstart Scheme. Through MY Kickstart Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce is:

  • Supporting businesses by providing a trusted gateway service to the Government’s £2bn Kickstart scheme.
  • Connecting businesses to funding and support allowing them to create jobs for young people and drive inclusive business growth.
  • Representing businesses who want to create Kickstart jobs but are not creating the required 30 or more jobs to apply directly to the Government.

MY Kickstart helps you access funding and support for your business to create jobs

  • You create additional jobs for a minimum of 25 hours per week over six months
  • We pass on Government funding for wage costs and a £1,000 grant for your setup costs
  • We connect you to expert careers support helping the young person to progress in their career

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Our Patrons

Halifax & District Chamber of Commerce Huddersfield & District Chamber of Commerce Wakefield & District Chamber of Commerce