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Orchard EnergyWhat?

Energy and waste management provided by local member company Orchard Energy and its waste management division Orchard Environmental.


An energy management system enables you to use less energy and reduce the price of what you do use – saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. Waste management allows you to increase efficiency and be more environmentally responsible.


Orchard Energy and Orchard Environmental approach energy and waste management from all angles; they help you buy better by negotiating the best rates and finding the most appropriate contracts; they help you be more efficient by assessing and improving how you use energy; and they conduct feasibility studies into how you might take advantage of renewable energy. 

Why use Mid Yorkshire Chamber?

We recognise the important role that our members can play in reducing the impact on the environment so we have pledged to plant a tree for every member that signs up to Orchard’s Energy or Waste Management service.


Call Orchard Energy on 0844 581 0844.

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