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Our Local Business Forums give members the opportunity to get in front of people who can influence change and policy. They are a forum for discussing issues that matter to businesses in the Mid Yorkshire region as well as a chance to lobby for action.


While the Quarterly Economic Survey allows you to anonymously feedback information and your opinion on business matters, the Local Business Forums allow you to sit face to face with MPs, Councillors, business owners and other influencers to discuss the issues affecting you as a business. They give you a voice into government as well as learning key information valuable to your business.


Conducted at venues around the Mid Yorkshire Region, the format of the meetings is a round table discussion with several pre-determined business topics on the agenda, as well as the opportunity to raise new ones at the meeting. The discussions that take place at the meetings are recorded and used to lobby government as well as communicated to the local business community as part of our Policy and Representation remit.

Why Mid Yorkshire Chamber?

The Mid Yorkshire Chamber is the voice of the local business community with well established communication channels directly to government. No other organisation can promise this level of influence.


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To take part in the Local Business Forum or to get more information you can e-mail us or call 01484 483660,

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