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60 Useful Minutes - A Winning Approach To Business Improvement

When? Wednesday 28th July 2021 12:00 - 13:00

Where? Online event - Zoom

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About this event

The secret is to remember that: Not many people go to work to purposefully do a bad job, but how do we as leaders enable them to do a good one which in turn helps the business improve.

Change is different for everyone, a small change to you could be deemed a massive change to someone else. How do you understand and overcome this?

In stand-up comedy jokes are NOT the most important thing to successfully delivering laughs, just like for change people white boards, problem solving structures and visual management are not the most important things in delivering successful change.

If we consider these things as our ‘material’ these are the 3rd most important elements to successfully delivering change and what most people resist, are you curious to discover what is more important that the tools and techniques you have been trained in that will help you land them more successfully?

If so, these will be covered in this session.

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