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Back to Basics - Problem Solving Bitesize Workshop by Combined Minds Ltd

When? Today 10:00 - 11:30

Where? Online Event

About this Event

Workshop Type

Zoom classroom workshop.

This workshop is an an Entry Level Continual Improvement workshop designed to be attended as a Team or an individual.

Duration between 1 and 2 hours.


Every business encounters problems at every level of the organisation, some bigger problems than others. But what effect are they having on the business and how are they being approached. Are you getting to the real root cause of the problems or just sticking a sticking plaster on the symptoms?

The methods in this workshop can be used from Senior Leadership to front line operations.

Learning Outcomes

In this bitesize workshop you will understand what the main principles are behind a structured and simple problem solving technique, and why it can be adopted throughout a business. You will learn how to conduct and document a problem solving exercise, then learn how to prioritise and sustain the solutions that are generated from that simple problem solving exercise.


  • What is Problem Solving?
  • The Pareto Principle
  • The Problems
  • The 3C's
  • Prioritising
  • Sustaining


There are no pre course requirements.

This is just 1 of a series of bite-sized courses aimed at helping SMEs to get more from their Business Operations, and improve standards, quality, efficiency and sustainability.

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