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Newable Avitus Webinar: How to establish, grow and streamline your US business activity

When? Wednesday 21st October 2020 13:00 - 14:00

Where? Webinar

Newable Avitus is offering informational webinars on its America Made Easy program in order to provide UK SMEs information on how to plan for, launch and grow their US operations. We understand that the COVID-19 crisis has forced many SMEs to place their US expansion plans on hold while others might be looking for local partners to help execute their US growth strategies. This webinar will provide UK SMEs with the information they need on how to execute their growth plans and operational tools to support them as markets reopen and companies stabilize.


Topic: America Made Easy – How to establish, grow and streamline your US business activity

Duration: 60 minutes (45 min. of core content followed by 15 min. of Q&A)

Speakers: 1) Morgan Pierstorff, Business Development & Sales Director, Newable

2) Frank Levene, Independent Director, EMEA, Avitus Group companies

Key Webinar Takeaways

1. How to establish a US team without setting up a company

2. Setting up a US entity and bank account

3. Recruiting and employing US talent

4. Streamlining back office processes

5. Ensuring compliance across state and federal tax regimes

About America Made Easy

America Made Easy (AME) offers UK SMEs the comprehensive operational support they need to establish, grow and streamline their US business activity. Our operational solution provides support across a company’s investment journey whether they are just eyeing an expansion or are looking to streamline existing operations to address pain points in running the business. We do this by providing an outsourced team of experts who manage the non-productive administrative aspects of business so that business owners can focus on driving revenue.

About Newable Avitus Joint Venture

Newable Avitus is a transatlantic joint venture which launched the AME programme in 2019. They jointly bring together over 50 years’ experience in helping make entrepreneurs lives easier. Under this joint venture, Newable advises its client base how to properly execute and grow a US investment supported on the ground in the US by Avitus with 400 specialists across tax, accounting, and HR in more than 13 offices from California to New York to Florida.

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