Breaking Free Design is a Huddersfield based branding and web design agency, formed in 2015 by Director Kyle Wisniewski with a vision to bring the power of design to young businesses who have passion and strong work ethics, but not necessarily a background in business or marketing. The name was chosen based on the idea that design can enable a person or business to break free of their current situation and enable them to succeed.

In today's world customers are smarter and savvier than ever, they have the whole world at their fingertips and a vast array of choices. We strongly believe that standing out and standing for something is the best way to carve out a loyal following for your business. Whether you’re a one person business or you have hundreds of staff, connecting with people, is hugely important whether you focus on Social Media or business through your website.

We're beyond excited to be a patron of the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, as a member they have helped us greatly over the years and we look forward to helping others in this role.

As branding and web design specialists we can take your business from the ground up and create a structure that works for you. If you’re good at what you do, we’d love to talk to you and find out together what is possible for your business.

Kyle Wisniewski

Address: Breaking Free Design, Turnbridge Mills, Huddersfield, HD1 6QT

Our Patrons

Halifax & District Chamber of Commerce Huddersfield & District Chamber of Commerce Wakefield & District Chamber of Commerce