Westfield Health benefit supports Pennine Business Partners as a family

Steve Bradley and his wife Lynn Bradley started Pennine Business Partners in 2010. Pennine Business Partners provides strategic, tactical and practical hands on support for businesses in two key specialist areas, Marketing and HR. 

Steve explained that the next step for Pennine Business Partners is to significantly grow over the next two years, having laid solid foundations already, for their business.

They hope to move in to new office accommodation, take on more staff and expand the breadth and depth of support and services offered to their clients.

Steve explained how importance of membership of the Mid Yorkshire Chamber "we’ve been members of the Chamber from very early in the development of our business. Membership has helped us grow and become established in the market".

He went on to explain the benefits of membership "it provides us with the opportunities to meet and share business experiences with other like minded business owners. Plus it gives us the opportunity to increase our commercial knowledge by attending training sessions and events".

Steve and Lynn both, as members, benefit from the member offer of Westfield Health, a business healthcare plan. Steve advised "we both have come from a corporate background where employers funded private healthcare provision for us. The Westfield scheme that we have taken up via the Chamber enables us to provide similar cover for our family".

You can find out more about Pennine Business Partners on their website and follow them on Twitter @PennineBP.

To make sure you get supported through Westfield Health as a member, join your Chamber today.

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