Social media at the heart of Moore Finance

Matt Cork from Moore Finance paid our Huddersfield office a visit to discuss how Moore Finance benefits from Chamber membership and in this ever changing technological age, social media. 

Moore finance has been established since 2003 and Matt explained how the company supports organisations through financing their business growth, including assisting with leasing and assets. “The next goal for Moore Finance is establishing many more years of business success, through the company, foundation and academy, bringing more young professionals in to the industry as well.” Matt explained. 

Matt continued with how membership of the Chamber has assisted Moore Finance in building quick yet strong relationships with local businesses. “Membership has been great in terms of giving us integrity and building trust with local businesses and the Chamber really underpins our business values in building relationships.” 

Much like the Chamber, social media has become an important aspect of Moore Finance’s business activities. Matt explains Moore Finance’s approach to it “social media is very important at Moore Finance, everyone from the Chairman to team members utilise it, whether that is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, we have each of the platforms.” 

“Twitter enables us to build a brand quickly, have rapport with clients potential or existing. It also allows us to portray a different angle of our industry, with the ability to talk to clients quickly and with personality”. 

Follow Moore Finance on Twitter @MooreFinance and Matt @Matt_at_Moore. You can also find Moore Finance on Facebook and LinkedIn

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